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    Painting guide written by Klaus Teschner
    I figured that rather than just show you how I painted the bases in our product image it would be best to cover a couple of extra alternative ways to paint your Rocky bases.  In this article I shall cover how to paint according to the climate you wish to portray.  I must state that this article is for beginners.
    Moderate climate scheme
    Stage 1
    Once I cleaned my bases I primed them using Chaos Black spray paint.
    This was then given a basecoat of Charadon Granite. 


    Stage 2
    I then overbrushed the base with Codex Grey.  Overbrushing is a little like drybrushing only you leave more paint on your brush.

    Stage 3
    This was then followed by drybrushing Fortress Grey, picking out the grainy texture of the rocky surface.  Next i extreme highlighted the sharpest parts of the rock with Bleached Bone.

    Stage 4
    Although at this point you could paint the rim of the base and call it a day I have Included another stage for you to try out.  I have added mossy area's to give the base a weathered look.  I achieved this by simply adding a controlled wash of Catachan Green.  Make sure you dilute your paint and concentrate on the area's that moss would grow.  Once I had a slight green colouration on my base i stippled Camo Green to build up the mossy area's.

    Stage 5
    I finished painting the rim of the base with Scorched brown.  Once dry i varnished it with Purity Seal.

    Further options
    You could then add modelling static grass to desired area’s, Remember any vegetation would start to grow in sheltered area’s and area’s that have enough loose ground for roots to grow.  Follow these guidelines and you shall have plausible looking bases in little time.
    Dry climate scheme
    Primed:  Chaos Black Spray
    Basecoat Calthan Brown,  over-brush Snakebite Leather , drybrush Desert Yellow,  extreme highlight Bleached Bone, wash Gryphonne Sepia onto the loose gravel areas.
    Rim:  Tausept Ochre
    Varnish:  purity seal
    Winter  climate  scheme
    Primed:  Chaos Black Spray
    Basecoat:  Adeptus Battlegrey,  over-brush Codex Grey/ Fortress Grey,  drybrush Fortress Grey, drybrush Fortress Grey, extreme highlight Fortress Grey/Skull White.  Wash all area’s Shadow Grey.
    Rim: Fenris Grey

    Varnish:  purity seal
    Add snow using  modelling snow/PVA glue and white paint.  Mix this until it’s a unified colour and smooth texture and add to the base in your desired location.  Once you have painted on the snow sprinkle a little snow over the top to give it a fluffy texture.
    Alternately you could add some modelling grass before adding the snow. 
    I hope this helps
    Happy painting

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