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  • New Auctions on eBay for Works of Heart

    New auctions are up for the New Year !
    Check them out we have supervike, Jez,and jokersminiatures
    mini goodness to offer.
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    1. dauber22's Avatar
      dauber22 -
      You can view the page at
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      Yes, it\'s also ok for you to have your paycheck electronically transferred into our account. I\'ll send you the details via PM....
    1. dauber22's Avatar
      dauber22 -
      lol I\'m sure you would be disappointed after \"the others\" have taken their 51.5%
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      Whats going on with the scout comp. I havent heard much about it.
    1. Klute's Avatar
      Klute -
      Well Ive hit my max bid for Amanthas.
      $50 and plenty time left.

      Lovely figure Jim, very well done.
    1. shinjikun1's Avatar
      shinjikun1 -
      Id like to donate somefigs. Can you PM the info?
    1. TAB Studio's Avatar
      TAB Studio -
      @Ogrebane I am going to post late this weekend. I was trying to wait for a few stragglers but it seems well past now.
      will start a thread with it all
      I do have photos done so that is the hard part on a troop. I need to compile them so each entry looks as good as I can have it so I feel they all have the same opportunity and I do not ruin any chance for them.
      @Shinjikun1 I will PM you Great

      If any one wants to join the painting madness ....we still have figures to mail for painting up.

      Visit the WOH site my direct email is there, at the contact me cool heart thingy

      I must admit I get to CMON through the forums and often there is a lag in time before I go to the main page for a U2U notice

    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      Thanx Tab what minis do you have left. I have a heap of minis to paint but if you want something done give it to a busy man. Besides I may be able to convince some friends to paint them.
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