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    Found over at, a french forum, pics of the new Eldar Dreadnought. Click on the comments link for all the pics.

    [IMG]/news/eldquart.jpg width=400[/IMG]
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    1. generulpoleaxe's Avatar
      generulpoleaxe -
      looks like they might get a little more money from me then.

      they have taken some of the new ideas and some of the origional ideas to make this one.
      it works quite nicely.

      my only gripe is that a lot of large swords in 40k are starting to look the same no matter what army it is desighned for.
    1. tidoco2222's Avatar
      tidoco2222 -
      That is lovely much better than the older versios, I am not much of an Eldar fan but I do like this and can see me having a go at at least one.
    1. Dark Seraphim's Avatar
      Dark Seraphim -
      YAY! New Dread... and with a sword Awesome!
    1. snowball99's Avatar
      snowball99 -
      I like it! Its not what I expected though. It looks more like a giant wraithguard.
    1. penguin's Avatar
      penguin -
      Wow :wow: Thouroughly cool! I agree with Kubla above me though, looks kinda like a giant war walker with a sword stuck on.
    1. OrkyDave's Avatar
      OrkyDave -
      I dont like eldar (\'cept the phoenix lords and the avatar, and the warlocks and the Ulthwe ... ok, so maybe I have a secret pansee hankerin) but I do like this, nice smooth areas for freehand too, will be getting me one of these.
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      The pictures leave me feeling that it\'s a little static. However as it\'s plastic I have no doubt that the conversions will be coming thick and fast.

      There are some things I would have preferred to see in the model, but hey It\'s an update at last and not too rigid in posture.
    1. Zora's Avatar
      Zora -
      I agree with you, Mike. Although I haven\'t read the 4th ed. stuff, I\'m not sure I like the idea of them having a sword. The whole idea behind their power was their strength. But it IS something I can see myself having done with one, so it\'s not so bad.
    1. atacam's Avatar
      atacam -
      This has all ready been posted before on here.

      I like the mini, and with a little work, will look very nice indeed.
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