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  • Create-A-Caption! Cartoon by Hyptosis and Hendercrazy

    Hyptosis and I recently collaborated on a single panel cartoon... but we don't have a caption for it yet!

    Just for fun, we wanted to see what captions fellow board members could come up with!!! Who knows, if there ends up being a caption that we really really like... we might contact you for further inquiry and possible use!
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    1. DaN's Avatar
      DaN -
      You can view the page at
    1. finn17's Avatar
      finn17 -
      I\'m too stupid to come up with a caption better than the one above however.:duh:
    1. Tony Manero's Avatar
      Tony Manero -
      \"do you need an hand sir?\"
    1. green stuff's Avatar
      green stuff -
      \"Luke ... I am you father ... now tell Han Solo to give my gauntlet back or I shall be obliged to call upon the Dark Side of the Force!\"
    1. penguin's Avatar
      penguin -
      \"Why are your feet so big?\" \"Shut up, beanpole.\"
    1. Thecadian's Avatar
      Thecadian -
      help i need a hand

      its rubbish but hay

    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Dan, sorry to interrupt your stream of consciousness but could you edit your posts and combine all your replies so there isn\'t a long string of em?
    1. Tony Manero's Avatar
      Tony Manero -
      Originally posted by DaN
      Black knight\'s gauntlet??\"
      \'tis but a scratch!
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      \"Oh hey there, you wanna see this glove that we jacked from this huge... Oh.\"
    1. EArkham's Avatar
      EArkham -
      \"Wow, those Mecha Rocket Super Punches simply aren\'t what they used to be, are they?\"

      \"You know when you said you bet you could fit your whole head in that glove? Well, I think this guy wants to help you win that bet.\"

      \"Whoa! So that\'s what happens when you roll a natural 20 on a disarm check!\"

    1. ZeCorto's Avatar
      ZeCorto -
      A black gauntlet? Sorry sir, never seen one around these parts.

      What do you mean you do not appreciate the handshake jokes?

      Mate, what do you need that glove for, you don\'t even have a hand!

      Bob, you know this suit of armor you found the gauntlet on? There seems to be some kind of strange light coming from the now...

      Well, I certainly did not expect that, when you said \'pull my finger\'.

      The guy with the glove behind me? Never seen him in my life, so I\'ll just be on my way...
    1. RedSevenBlue's Avatar
      RedSevenBlue -
      \"I think the Shredder wants his hand back\"
    1. demonherald's Avatar
      demonherald -
      \"I don\'t care if your giving it to the poor....drop your pant\'s and my right hand man will continue the search\"

      \"right scissors,,,stone....Oi come back you cheating little gimp \"\"

    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      Ummmm.... Pete you better give it back. He just passed his regen roll.
    1. angus147258's Avatar
      angus147258 -
      Woah dude when you cut my hand there wasn\'t anything there! Sweet!

      Quick put the hand in my bag and back away slowly.

      Hey Mark I found a glove! Mark...
      (you can replace the Mark part with what ever name you want)

    1. Arma's Avatar
      Arma -
      Peter you IDIOT, you forgot to pin the damn gloves onto my life size Chaos Warrior Now where\'s my drill?
    1. farseerlum's Avatar
      farseerlum -
      and here i was thinking you\'d never find gloves that fit.
    1. hakoMike's Avatar
      hakoMike -
      \"We\'ll be right back with it. We just need to give someone the finger, and they\'re a little blind.\"
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      Did you say you\'re name was Soth?
    1. DaN's Avatar
      DaN -
      @ChernAnn - sorry I didn\'t think of them all at the same time

      But here\'s another!

      \"Bill, I told you before about messing around with superglue - you can\'t get the glove OFF now can you?\"
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