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    Bit of a preview here. A new figure for Crunch Waffle. It's an evil hobbit standing 21mm tall (not counting the base) holding a bag he just nicked from someone, cut the strap with his knife. It's sculpted by yours truely (that would be me ) for Dan. No idea when it will be released but I got clearance to show it around and post it here. Anyway here he is.. hope you like him. (unfortunatly his feet photograph a bit wonky, so much detail and texture there it melts into the base a bit on the picture)
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    1. hakoMike's Avatar
      hakoMike -
      Nice scuplt, but \"hobbit\" is not the first word that comes to mind....

    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      ALL hobbits are evil! They steal our mushrooms, and sneak beer out the back when we aren\'t looking...

      He does look a bit devilish though...

    1. TyronMagda's Avatar
      TyronMagda -
      9 for me!
      Very nice sculpture!
    1. demonherald's Avatar
      demonherald -
      I\'m going for a 9 because it is a good sculpt.
      Agree it doesn\'t really say hobbit a little on the thin side.Could have added a bit more comedy having fatty with wings...

      on the wings any chanceof sharing how you did them ?
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      Great work love the stuff you do. Did the vote thing.
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