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  • New Ghouls from Heresy

    Curtesy of Heresy we have.......

    Running, crawling, snarling. This pack shows the animalistic nature of ghouls very well indeed!

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    1. Drake Farstrider's Avatar
      Drake Farstrider -
      You can view the page at
    1. Ritual's Avatar
      Ritual -
      I\'m going to get me those!
    1. Thecadian's Avatar
      Thecadian -
      very nice i like the dynamic poses

    1. freakinacage's Avatar
      freakinacage -
      very nice indeed. need to get those guys and the hag. damn. and that vampire with wings (although i want to change the wings). double damn. where did you get this info from? fod? i haven\'t recieved an email about it yet
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