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    Hi all,

    Yesterday our new figures were presented in the Spanish Team forum ( Two gnome versions coming from me and a Dryad princess from Seth Nash. We hope you like. We have changed somethings in the web site, even we are actually working in the english version.

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    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      id like to use one of those 54mm gnomes as an ogre. awsome.
    1. frenchkid's Avatar
      frenchkid -
      those gnomes are just amazing
      I\'m not passing up on those :P
    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      im considering making a preorder, but i cant figure out how much they cost.
    1. demonherald's Avatar
      demonherald -
      Tony do you have a picture of this here miniature perfection ??
    1. Multifracture's Avatar
      Multifracture -
      May be the wrong thread but i ordered something from Enigma nearly two months ago and after sending so many emails and having no responses i\'m at a loss to find a way of contacting them. Anyone got any ideas? I still haven\'t received my figure!
    1. DragonPaint's Avatar
      DragonPaint -
      Multifracture: I have ordered and received without problems the first two figures. You can PM ADSO2 here on CoolMini, he\'s the boss of Enigma

      Demonherald: Take a look here, this is the green of Sumothay, I agree with Tony, this is one of the best miniatures I have ever seen:

      Funnymouth: the miniatures will be out the 1st of September and will cost 19,95 Euro each. Actually if you preorder them there\'s an offer and they will cost 57,00 Euro for three figures, 40,00 euro for 2 figures and 24,00 euro for one figure (22,00 for the limited edition gnome)
      The order include the free shipping.
      Take a look here:

      I have ordered all of them and Yarry is already in my gallery
    1. Iguazzu's Avatar
      Iguazzu -
      Great as always, Raul!!!

      Friends, that dude is the best sculptor in this moment.
      Both gnome versions are simple amagazing! But unfortunately I don\'t like the Dryad

      @Tony: Yes my friend, the gnome is a f*****g thief!!lol He stolen the Somothay and Saxon\'s stuff!!


    1. tidoco2222's Avatar
      tidoco2222 -
      These are fooking brilliant and I am going to place a big order at the end of the week, I want the lot lol.
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      WOW there just .... Wow love em. I will have to get a couple.
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