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    Another large resin model, I think this looks great.
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    1. Evil Dave's Avatar
      Evil Dave -
    1. Sonnyslayer's Avatar
      Sonnyslayer -
      I dont like the lava armor... If i could sculpt some new armor i would buy it.. but i cant..
    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      Theres already a thread started for this here

      I think its alright, but i dont like the craked skin.
    1. atacam's Avatar
      atacam -
      I really liked it when I just saw the top pic. Then it went downhill from there. The whole pose looks...Gay! add gay voice.
      \"com\'on boys follow me across the battlefield\"

    1. LavronYor's Avatar
      LavronYor -
      Now that is a nice pose.

      I mean purse.
    1. Bill's Avatar
      Bill -
      I saw it at GD and it\'s a lot smaller than I imagined. the pose looks just as squifty. But they still sold out very fast, despite not having the funky handbag

      I think the FW stand is one of the few places at GD where GW make a more significant profit than they do instore. Impulse buying is a different matter over the internet

    1. james sequeira's Avatar
      james sequeira -
      i think hes checking his make up with his free hand lol
    1. dougaderly's Avatar
      dougaderly -
      I like it. Makes me want to finish painting my eldar.
    1. Pestie's Avatar
      Pestie -

      Anyone else think this looks like Margaret Thatcher?
    1. EArkham's Avatar
      EArkham -
      Heh. Someone already has a painted one on eBay.

      I think the one with the purse looks better. :P

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