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    It's good to be back ..... I am sorry for the lapse in auctions. I had to take a needed a break to recover ..... and for those of you with minis we have given away to paint and you have still them unpainted or even half painted .... I can so understand ..... Here is a renewed chance to finish that outstanding project and help UNICEF. Think of it, you can clear a patch on your painting table for all those new holiday minis.

    I have been inspired to rekindle the auctions from the kindness of Linus Svensson, Philip Esterle and Cf Wheeler.

    With the approval of these artists and the ones I love, we are changing the donation format: All monies collected will go to...
    United States Fund for UNICEF: Emergencies
    Certified for ebay Giving Works since 2004. Missionfish nonprofit ID 5136.

    Linus of Viking Lodge Studio is the first featured auction. With his donated Reaper Miniature Arran Rabin, Mage. He placed first in Reaper Miniatures' Design Your Own Mini Contest 2004 with this very figure that makes this paint job even more special. A treat for painters to see, at the auction, check out the close up of the face Linus painted, it is one of the finest I have a photo of thus far..

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      cfwheeler58 -
      You can view the page at
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      Hi TAB. I have a mini I have to send to you. I hope to have it to you in the next couple of weeks (Im away at the mo)

      Good luck with the new format. We all appreciate the work you put into this.
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