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  • Top Mini of the Year: Results

    Well the votes are in, and the top three miniatures are (with a large tie for third place!):

    3rd Place -

    Shiatéki GBA By FW Remy
    Kordel - Chaos Standard Bearer By Yellow one
    Sergent et Milicien Cadwë By Arkaal
    S'Erum, Sydion Ophidien By Arkaal
    Theoden by Alexi Z
    Converted Vostroyan Radio Operator ~ GD UK Charity Squad BRIGHTER PICS! By Bill
    Work in Progress By mortmort
    Imperial Psyker By Starks333
    Ainu's Mini of the Week: Supreme Grand Commander Azrael of the Dark Angels by demonherald

    2nd Place -

    Exo Armor Wulf Korps By executeurdehod
    Major Rawne- "Gaunt Watch your back" -Slayersword Winner Spain 06 By Banshee

    1st Place -

    Varghar by Quadrille

    Congratulations to Quadrille for his fantastic rendition of Rackham's 'Varghar' and especially for taking top spot over a buckletload of such high quality, and inspiring figures by dedicated artists worldwide.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading,

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    1. Sonnyslayer's Avatar
      Sonnyslayer -
      You can view the page at
    1. Avelorn's Avatar
      Avelorn -

      Just wait till you all see the minis from our LGS competition.

      Congratulation Nils!
    1. quadrille's Avatar
      quadrille -
      Wow, I certainly didn\'t expect this when I first submitted the mini! It\'s a great honour that it has been voted Top Mini of the Year, among so many masterpieces! Thanks to everyone who has voted (both on the mini itself and for top of the year) and commented.

      I\'ll do my best to defend the title next year

    1. Anihillator's Avatar
      Anihillator -
      Congrats Nils!!

      The work is really awesome!
    1. krom1415's Avatar
      krom1415 -
      Well deserved, your work has been underated for far too long
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