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    Since the days of the Barbie Space Marine there hasn’t been a figure on CMoN quite so humorous and original as this week’s showcase. As the miniature’s description says, it is an Anime School girl toting a hamster gun, sculpted by Tom Meier (though it is a change of pace from his usual subject matter).

    To capture emotion with a miniature, despite what the rest of the scene is about (be it a fight to the death or a day at the Rodent Shooting Range), is what defines the ability of an artist. It can be argued that painting to a piece so it exudes some sort of emotion isn’t as difficult as sculpting angst-ridden or jovial faces (and the model’s stance for that matter).

    Either way, it is unavoidable not to stare in awe as I examine this piece. Aside from the hilarity, the absolute concentration and hate seen in the School Girl’s eyes is unmistakably brilliant. This only reinforces the bizarreness of the piece as the seriousness of the School Girl creates a strange harmony with the wildly different concept of a Hamster Gun.

    The level of sculpting overwhelms the comedic nature of the piece, the shirt cuffs, the flowing skirt, and the fine detail of each little hamster and the shoes. There is dynamism in the pose and I personally cannot wait to see this painted. As many, many comments made on CMoN sculpts say, “Paint it! Paint it now!”

    AMotW: Anime School Girl with Hamster Gun By thunderboltmountain receives 9.1/10.

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    1. No Such Agency's Avatar
      No Such Agency -
      You can view the page at
    1. demonherald's Avatar
      demonherald -
      i posted a coment on it when i first saw it and that comment stands if ever this gem reaches production i want it..the face is awesoe and the huour fantastic....
    1. misterjustin's Avatar
      misterjustin -
      Yup, I hope whomever wins this puts it in to production; I\'ll take two.
    1. charley1968's Avatar
      charley1968 -
      yep. i\'ll (would) take 2 as well.
    1. charley1968's Avatar
      charley1968 -
      Does anyone know who bought the sculpt and if it\'s going into production??
    1. Temporary Sanity's Avatar
      Temporary Sanity -
      OMG I just noticed for the first time (after looking at this several times already) that she\'s got a hamster bandoleer! Tom\'s got skill, f\'sho.
    1. Orb's Avatar
      Orb -
      Originally posted by charley1968
      Does anyone know who bought the sculpt and if it\'s going into production??
      check here

    1. charley1968's Avatar
      charley1968 -
      yesyesyesyes! Thanx a bunch, Orb!
      I\'ll preorder next week!Yes!:flip::bouncy:
    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      Yep, cheers Orb
    1. ginfritter's Avatar
      ginfritter -
      Hello all, The Tom Meier Anime School Girl will is on Pre-Order Sale at Ginfritter\'s Gnomish Workshop. The special Pre-Order price for this hilarious 54mm miniature is $20.00. After April 15th, 2007 the miniature will be $25.00. I have just received the miniature and I will be casting her in resin.

      What you haven\'t seen yet is the fantastic display base that Tom has sculpted up for her. The display base has a scrolled edge, features institutional style tile flooring, her satchel thrown to the floor with her school book and spiral bound notebook falling out as well he pouch of Hamster feed with kernels strewn about the floor. This is a simply amaing bonus for this miniature!
      Only at
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