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    It is my pleasure to introduce an up and coming artist's newest figure, a GW Vostroyan Officer. Thecadian has pushed his personal envelope once again, surpassing the 7.0 mark for the fourth time since the New Year. It has been mere months since Thecadian was scoring low-mid 6's but the whole time through, his skill with lighting and especially his NMM overshadowed mediocore scores. And now the other aspects of his models are improving, such as blending and paint work on fabrics, which seems to have caught the attention of browsers, with the higher scores as proof.

    However, I did not choose to showcase this particuliar figure on the overall improvement of Thecadian's submissions, but on it as a single, finely rendered miniature. The stand-out points are the NMM in both gold and silver, which are both unbelievably authentic in comparison to real-life gold and silver, despite some rough blending on the pistol. Non-metallics, when applied creatively and subtly, work well with the Vostroyan sculpts, as demonstrated by the CMoNer's Vostroyan Charity Squad (seen here: - you will have to scroll down the page) and reinforced by Thecadian's Vostroyan Officer.

    Upon closer inspection of the model, I could even see small notches painted carefully on the sword's blade and the breastplate. The precision required for such detail work is intensely difficult in its own right, I've tried my hand at notches and getting them so small and believable as notches is painstaking work.

    I can also appreciate the desaturation of colours visible on the brown pants, fur, and metals, as colours straight from the pot or those highlighted with pure white are not the most desirable for realism in miniature art.

    My critique starts with the rough patches, namely the body of the plasma pistol, the lower portions of the boots, and the fur cap. These areas contradict how accurately the lighting is painted on the rest of the figure, with highlights and shading placed haphazardly along the above parts of the model. If Thecadian made an extra effort to up the ante with the few troubled spots on his models, he would be scoring over 8.0 and improve even more as an artist.

    In conclusion, Thecadian's dedication to painting and the results that keep increasing are an inspiration to many, including me. Thank you for sharing your work with us, and keep it up!

    Vostroyan Officer by Thecadian receives 7.7/10.

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