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    For the second week in a row an upcoming British artist has submitted a piece that has piqued my interest. I find myself lost amongst all of the detail painting, especially considering Brokenblade's consistinency. If you are not familiar with Brokenblade, he is an artist who often submits several miniatures a week (usually for sale on Nearly all of the models he paints each week settles with consistently high scores and sell very well.

    Brokenblade's figures put many of CMoN's painters to shame, despite the time frame they are painted in. Once more, the details and colour choices are what make his miniatures stand out from the rest of the pack.

    On this figure, the natural colours and dark shading contrasts nicely with the vibrant green cloak and NMM. The colour combination of gold, brown (the hair and beard) and green is fantastic, and isn't overly regal, while maintaining the look of a high-ranking dwarf still actively fighting for his kind. It is hard to remember the size of a 28mm dwarf when seeing Brokenblade expertly picking out each gun barrel with NMM and the face with god-like skintones.

    The highlights on the beard seem a little strange with grey as the highlight, probably because grey is a hair colour itself and so when used to imitate lighting it appears the overall look isn't quite right. This brings me to the bracer on the pistol arm, where the gold NMM is thick and not up to the standards of the remainder of the model.

    The drybrushed grey base isn't all that inspiring either, but it serves its purpose as a realistic base so I can't critique it as if it were the freehand design on a tabard.

    Critiquing a Brokenblade figure is like picking out the faults in a beauty queen, tiny quirks that disagree with the her actual presence and appearance but aren't noticeable at first glance.

    I feel like I have to complement his work on NMM, as it is one of Brokenblade's trademarks, flawlessly-blended NMM, rendered realistically across the entire minature, and this Dwarf Lord is certainly no exception. The axe is simply enviable, as any dwarfen weapon should be.

    I hope Brokenblade gets the big bucks for this one!

    AMotW: Dwarf Lord by Brokenblade receives 8.9/10.

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    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      You can view the page at
    1. Infidel Castro's Avatar
      Infidel Castro -
      He arrived ages ago. An immense painter.
    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      I know, he won a demon in 04
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      The way I see it, he\'s young, talented, and getting better all the time.
    1. Bill's Avatar
      Bill -
      And he\'s from Leicester!

      Nice one Joe, I still can\'t get over the gem-like loveliness of your gold NMM... so smooth. I really like the cloak on this one as well.
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