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    One of greatest visions straight out of Fantasy miniature lore (from almost every games company) brought to life through stories and art is necromancy. There are a lot of dioramas out there created by dedicated miniature artists seeking to make something that just screams necromancy and the undead. Despite these ventures, I have never seen anything like Pinselknecht's 'The Bogeyman'.

    You could say it's like my childhood fears manifested once more, but this time, I can actually see them. The skeletal necromancer/bogeyman is decked out in blue robes and a red cloak, but still maintains an intimidating aura despite the bright style it's painted in. The overall creepiness factor jumped as soon I as noticed the bony spine pracitically piercing through the cloak.

    With most fantasy/sci-fi miniature companies, sculpts are either disgusting/crippled, or without faults, besides some scars and wear and tear. Here there is the subtle bumps from the exposed vertabrae; while not over the top, like a GW Nurgle Daemon, is just as effective. And it has been painted very well, and so the sculpt and paint job complement each other well.

    The diorama's composition and build of the base is so unique... the grave stone, the path, and especially the centre piece, the large stone casket. The positioning seems to add so much to the piece as a whole, it isn't a surprise that this took 1st prize for dioramas at Mini Art Con. Fine sculpting work is everywhere, take a look at the WIP pictures and see for yourself.

    The painting is the best part, dioramas are everywhere, but it is rare to find one composed so well and featuring painting of this calibre. It is strange, the colours that have been used. I wonder if the artist used such bright colours on purpose, to reflect childrens fears of the bogeyman. Children see things as brighter, even if it is something they are deathly afraid of (think Stephen King's 'It').

    The transformation from concept to WIP (before painting) to completion is stunning, all of the preparation and thought that went into this project. Only now am I noticing softly hewn NMM and even OSL from the circular design.

    This is some very inspiring work - keep it up, Pinselknecht!

    AMotW: The Bogeyman By Pinselknecht receives 9.5/10.

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