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  • Wyrd Miniatures - 3 new releases

    Here are the latest three miniatures in the Wyrd lineup.

    First we have Candy, a diabolical little girl who is likely to gut you the fist chance she has - cute isn't she? This was the sculpt that almost wasn't, but thankfully Steve Buddle managed to march through his malady and give us this excellent little bundle of 'love'.

    The last two are from the talented Steve Saunders who has given us two very twisted individuals which work side by side together so to speak. The deadly Morgue Duo, Dr. Douglas McMourning and his ever faithful assistant Sebastian. Not everyone is dead when these two start to operate, but they certainly wish they were!

    We even managed to get Anders (Ritual) back to painting again, having taken his brush to all three. Thankfully the dogs didn't damage anything too important when he tried to escape over the wall last time, we managed to pull them off him before they mangled his ever talented hands. We're told he might have a severe limp for the rest of his days though ...
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