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    "It's alive, ALIVE!!". The mighty Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein said it best. Yes, like the occasionally lumbering behemoth as portrayed by Boris Karloff, Spyglass Miniatures, maker of fine 30mm and 54mm fantasy miniatures has been resurrected from the dead (complete with an abnormal brain).

    Yes, the new Spyglass Miniatures website is finally live and the miniatures are available once more. And this time I have an online store so less messing about with emails back and forth than in the past.

    Do pop on by for a look around. The site is fairly simple right now but I intend to jazz it up a bit as time goes by. But it’s alive, and that’s a definite step up from the last eighteen months or so.

    Oh, and there’s even a new release for you all to see. Zahnn the 54mm Dark Elf is now available in all her glory from the online store.
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    1. Trevor's Avatar
      Trevor -
      You can view the page at!!!
    1. freakinacage's Avatar
      freakinacage -
      welcome back steve!
    1. Devience's Avatar
      Devience -
      Nice stuff and I want to see more but the link is broken
    1. War Griffon's Avatar
      War Griffon -
      Nice work as always Steve

      Looking forward to the release of some of those greens you have in the sneak peaks section
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      Originally posted by Devience
      Nice stuff and I want to see more but the link is broken
      Nope it worked when I tested it.
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