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    Thomas Willeford writes:
    Some of you may have heard, I had a piece stolen from me at Dragon Con. Not just some ordinary piece but a one of a kind Monicle that was to be in featured in a Steampunk Exhibit at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford this October.

    I'm will pay $200.00 for it's safe return on a "no questions asked" basis.
    I will pay $500.00 if it leads to the arrest of the one who stole it.
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    1. demi morgana's Avatar
      demi morgana -
      damn, I cannot believe what I\'ve just read!
      I just hope this coc*sucker will be found sooner or later :cussing:
    1. Naukhel's Avatar
      Naukhel -
      This puts me in mind of Lord of the Flies...

      \"Kill the pig! Kill the pig!\"

      If it was stolen, then yes, I absolutely agree that the perpetrator should be
      punished to the fullest extent of the law.

      However, being an optimist, I must also consider the possibility that it may have
      been somehow mislaid, and someone out there picked it up with the intent of
      returning it, but now sees this great hunt.

      Personally, I\'d find such a thing to be daunting, especially with so many people
      chiming in angrily, and might be afraid to come forward.

      Good luck getting that back. It\'s a lovely piece.
    1. Ebonbuddha's Avatar
      Ebonbuddha -
      Good one. I actually laughed out loud. lol

      But seriously, I rememebr bringing my gaming stuff, and leaving it to go and get stuff that was left in the car or get a bite to eat.

      I rememebr one time I left all of my 40K stuff on a table for four hours while i played a game using someone elses stuff. No one touched.

      Originally posted by Einion
      Originally posted by Ebonbuddha
      Not to sound like an old man, but I remember when you could go to a Con, leave your stuff to the sided and get lunch, come back two hours later, and your stuff was still there.
      Didn\'t realise you were that old. So, the Model T, fun to drive? lol

    1. Ebonbuddha's Avatar
      Ebonbuddha -
      Is there anymore news on the missing piece?
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