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    Ex-illis sent this in:

    "We've got something HUGE coming, and it stands on this!

    This is a base for our next monster, our miniatures use a 28mm scale range.

    To give you a more precise idea, this base has an approximate diameter of 5 inches!

    Want to see the whole thing? Come check it out in our booth #1109 at GenCon."
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    1. MadNes's Avatar
      MadNes -
      I can G for that. My whole point is I cant get technical with the artsy stuff. So I cant talk shop with those who can. All I knowis "I" like it. My hope was to share it with others who might appreciate a mob of souls being drained into "the pit"

      People who don't like, that's ok too.

      But remember, its not a stand alone thing... I mean it is a stand... but it doesn't come alone..... Nevermind.

      There is going to be a big honkin monster ontop of this thing at gen con. If for nothing other than SiZe its going to be raw.

      I wonder if we can do a cage match of gen con exvlusives. Whatever this animal is vs Lord Chompy Bitz
    1. phreak0's Avatar
      phreak0 -
      looks like a childs toy.

      im guessing the monster will stand on the bricks since they seem to be the only level area.

      also, so far the minis do not impress me at all, just looks like generic fantasy/midevil stuff for kids.
    1. Shawn R. L.'s Avatar
      Shawn R. L. -
      Quote Originally Posted by MadNes View Post
      All I knowis "I" like it.
      Stick with that. That's the motivation that will keep you coming back. Taking things too seriously can squeeze the fun out of it and kill the hobby. I've done a fair amount of 'fine art', and it's an OK thing to do but I also really enjoy painting silly Orks and Snotlings..... They're fun. Follow your bliss baby. (little bit of California lingo)
    1. JacinB's Avatar
      JacinB -
      Quote Originally Posted by phreak0 View Post
      looks like a childs toy.

      im guessing the monster will stand on the bricks since they seem to be the only level area.

      also, so far the minis do not impress me at all, just looks like generic fantasy/midevil stuff for kids.
      That's where I'm at, too. I get what it's supposed to be. I just don't like it. And, not only does it look soft in its detailing (or, like a childs toy), the things that are included raise too many questions that pull me out of the scene, rather than draw me into it. Such as ...

      Why are the bricks there and why are they conveniently only under the places where the model will stand? And, why isn't there any mortar between them (ie: they're just sticking out of the ground)?

      Why are all of the rocks with runes on them cracked?

      Why is the disemboweled angel missing part of a wing? Why does the part of that wing that remains look so intact? Where exactly do the wings attach, as they don't run under the body (as you can see what's under the body where the arm is missing)? And, speaking of, where is its other arm?

      The angel's sword appears to be broken, just below the blade. Yet, it still managed to land in the dirt in such a way that it lines up perfectly as if it weren't broken? What are the odds of that happening in a real battle scene?

      Why is the cloth above the disemboweling cut so ragged? Real fabric doesn't really tear that way when cut, particularly if the cut was done with a blade sharp enough to cut entirely through someone (and, I would imagine, even moreso if it was sharp enough to slice through an angel).

      What's with the random plank of wood?

      As others have said, it appears that it's just a random bunch of concepts tossed together onto a base and, at least in my opinion, they don't seem to have been executed particularly well or in a way that makes cohesive sense with the other concepts there.
    1. phreak0's Avatar
      phreak0 -
      I think the reason we cant see the wing under the missing arm is because its covered in the sculpted blood, if you look below the disemboweled tummy the "random" gooey pattern looks like blood (why anyone would sculpt it on a base like this i do not know).

      the missing arm looks really weird, it seems whoever cut it also took the entire shoulder with it, this would definitely render someone incapacitated enough to suffer a fatal swipe to the gut and subsequent smaller cuts to the garment...

      also, every skull is looking straight up, hello. oh, and none of them have any teeth.

      there does not seem to be any trace of the angels legs, he is cut half by the stomach but his spine is still there?

      the sword is actually not broken, i zoomed in om the pic and its definitly not.

      as said, it looks "toyie" and I for one am not impressed.
    1. Torn blue sky's Avatar
      Torn blue sky -
      To be honest, I think it'll do the job it's intended for perfectly. It's a base, not the main piece. It's nice to have a cool looking base and all, but I wouldn't like it to be the main focus of attention.
      Thumbs up from me.
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I think this must be the beastie

      (stolen from some dudes tweet)

      Attachment 3212
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