CoolMiniOrNot Forums - CMON Contest 23 - Kisa and Scratch from Soda Pop Miniatures begins NOW!!!
  • CMON Contest 23 - Kisa and Scratch from Soda Pop Miniatures begins NOW!!!

    Cool Mini Or Not is once again partnering up with Soda Pop Miniatures - one of the most talked about up and coming miniature company at Gen Con.

    Soda Pop Miniatures is a company dedicated to the creation of exclusive miniatures for the hobbyist and collector. Their range of combat characters is inspired by Tokyo-Pop culture, mixed with themes from some of your favorite manga and anime.

    Kisa and Scratch will be used as our September painting contest miniature. Soda Pop Miniatures will be offering prizes for the winners and selected participants.

    Contest Rules:

    1) You can enter as many times as you like, but all the pictures of your entries must be hosted on CMON's server. External links are no longer accepted for competition purposes.

    2) Conversions, scenic bases and dioramas are welcomed.

    3) When submitting your entry, make sure you follow the instruction video on the contest page.

    contest ends September 30th with voting deadline on October 7th.
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    1. PegaZus's Avatar
      PegaZus -
      You can view the page at!!!
    1. Picster's Avatar
      Picster -
      Hey there,

      why are the last contests always with those soda pop miniatures?
      I don't know many painters that like those designs .... can you please bring back another nice mini for the next contest?
      The minis before the whole soda pop contest thing started were always pretty cool....

    1. PegaZus's Avatar
      PegaZus -
      Well, CMON18 and CMON23 contests were the only two contests with Soda Pop minis, and even then they were nearly a year apart (Nov 09, Sep 10). Perhaps you're confusing a different line with them? The Sad Panda one perhaps? Or the Anima Tactics mini?

      And I like Soda Pop's minis. Can't paint 'em worth much, but that's my sad lot. Only two contests I've entered.
    1. hajmoid's Avatar
      hajmoid -
      I like their range too, very very tricky to put together! just like Pega i also painted arms seperately, tail too. all that stuff would have gotten in the way. I hate the paladin model though! her right arm holding the sword up is totally wrong. poor sculpt i think, just looks so wrong in the pics. thats why i didnt order it, as i have most of their other stuff.

      btw i cant find anywhere that says the prizes for the competition that just passed? do you know a link?

      the chocolate idea was cool btw

      oh and ayu beat was another soda pop comp, i think it was about 6 months ago.
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      We don't know what prizes the Soda Pop boys wanna give yet, probably vouchers for more Soda Pop stuff, but (don't quote me on this) most likely $50, $30 and $20.
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