We would like to present a few new sculpts that appeared in our shop. With better pictures, selection from our assortment will be much more pleasant.
    We hope you will like it.
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    1. cannon_fodder's Avatar
      cannon_fodder -
      cool stuff, but looks like some of your coding is off...
      when I click on the the thumbnails for a closer view, I get a "loanding" text box instead of "loading".
      Just a heads-up.
    1. richrockster's Avatar
      richrockster -
      Me too - on Firefox, Chrome. Looks like the full size images are missing or not being found by the gallery scripts...
    1. hitechminiatures's Avatar
      hitechminiatures -
      Thank You very much ...we will try fix all problems fast as possible , but we did not expect such interest and overloading the server.
      HTM Team
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