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    The solicitation emails have been sent out, so if you scored a mini with an 8+ in 2009 you should have received one.

    If you didn't receive one, check your spam folder.

    Do not reply to the email, instead, follow the instructions within and submit your pictures with the links provided.

    These submissions do not update your existing images, the file size limit is 10 megs, JPG only.

    If in doubt, please read the instructions again carefully, and if still in doubt, post them in the comments.
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    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      You can view the page at
    1. nels0nmac's Avatar
      nels0nmac -
      Looks good. I got the last Annual and plan on getting this and subsequent ones. What's the deadline for submitting entries?
    1. Bexley's Avatar
      Bexley -
      Would you prefer raw format files if possible, or converted to .jpg? (Or both?)
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Please, jpg only. Not a huge advantage to raw files since we're not printing posters.
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