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  • CMON Shop Update: Big Gamezone Update!

    We are slowly but surely getting all the Gamezone molds made and rotating products back in the shopping cart.

    Gamezone is a fantastic miniature line with very detailed miniatures suitable for any 28mm game with a fantasy setting.

    Make sure you take time to go to the Gamezone part of our catalog to see all that they have to offer. Gamezone miniatures, now manufactured in the U.S.A.

    Available now at CMON On-line store.
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    1. charliess's Avatar
      charliess -
      You can view the page at!
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      They're not out of business, we are a just the licensed US manufacturer. However, we are not using their molds but rather our own from original masters; our molds have been tested for fit and finish. We also sell everything we manufacture directly to distributors and retailers, you can see a full list at if any stores are interested in carrying these items.
    1. charliess's Avatar
      charliess -
      Thanks for the info.
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