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  • A new Warhammer Army book just released - Amazons

    A new FREE unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army pdf has just been released - Amazons.

    An all female warrior cast that dwell within the Lustrian Jungles. A unique skirmishing, ambush oriented army with a deep background that fits well with the Old Ones / Lizardmen Games Workshop fluff.

    The army list is well thought out and finely balanced but will present a challenge on the battlefield due to it's skirmish / scouting composition and reliance on tactical awareness and expertise. An army for the connoisseur or indeed anyone bored with their current tactics.

    The army book is professionally presented and is free to view online or download as a pdf (with not catches !).

    10 other armies of a similar high standard are also available (links are in the Amazons post). Again, all army books are free but we would like some feedback in the forum if you have the time.


    Note: this army is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.
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