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    Morland Studios is a new miniature company of original miniatures and is proud to announce their first release of fantasy miniatures. We offer free shipping on all orders. Our first release consists of:

    Aria, Mermaid & Seals Display Set. Limited to 100 $24.99
    Odila, Swan Maiden. Overall height approx 38mm $9.99

    Because we understand that some folks might not want all of the miniatures in a particular set, we are offering several options for Aria & the seals. All of the metal seals are limited and no more will be released in metal when these are gone.

    Aria, Mermaid Single Overall height approx 37mm $ 9.99
    Seals Single $9.99 Overall height approx 22mm
    Aria & Seals $19.98http://morlandstudios.comn
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      Wyrmypops -
      You can view the page at
    1. Valloa's Avatar
      Valloa -
      There was an extra letter in the URL, it works now.

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