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  • Avatars of War plastic Dwarven Bersekers

    Same as our first hero was the Dwarf berserker, the first AoW plastic set will be the Dwarven berserkers !

    We’ve posted a video detailing the set and illustrating the options when putting together the miniatures at

    Each AoW plastic set will be available in two formats:
    Regiment boxed set (20 to 24 minis, depending on the troop type) at 25EUR
    Horde boxed set (32 to 36 minis, depending on the troop type) at 35EUR

    Thanks and hope you like the new berserkers!

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    1. GoldfishSM's Avatar
      GoldfishSM -
      Are they same size than the others (other dwarfs like bör dragonbane)? They look very big... But good.
    1. Warlord's Avatar
      Warlord -
      Yes same size as others....This is a 3'up, that is the size they sculpt them at, then they shrink em
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      If the Slayers look that good and rank up on 20mm bases then I might consider them a solid alternative to the GW ones. The GW Slayers are old, but not in the good way that the rest of my Classic Dwarf army is. The old school Warriors, Ironbreakers, Longbeards etc. had way more character than the goofy Slayers. Don't like the old Miners much, either

      Anyway they definitely look promising. Here's hoping for a good variety, command models, and a unit that ranks up at the end
    1. Ghiest1's Avatar
      Ghiest1 -
      So much better then the GW ones. I always like the fluff behind slayer and now have a reason to paint a unit of them up.
    1. Warlord's Avatar
      Warlord -
      AoW Dwarf Berserkers up for pre-order !

      The pre-order box is an a special edition that will contain exclusive pieces for the command group
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