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    Company Info: Fenris Games is a UK based company specializing in premade miniature bases and other modeling supplies. The company is operated by two brothers, Ian and Jo Brumby, who boast a combined 30 years of industry experience. Recently they have expanded the company’s product line into miniature figures and have plans for an entire line of realistic modern/sci-fi characters for use as characters in roleplaying games.

    Product Info: From dungeon to sci-fi, Fenris offers a large range of bases to choose from. Bases are made from resin and miniatures are made of metal. Products are supplied unpainted, however they do provide custom built scenery. The majority of bases are finished with a curved lip so that a standard plastic base is not required. A small range of base inserts is also offered. Base size ranges from 20mm to 60mm and are offered in sets. Average cost is approximately $5.53 US or 3.50 GBP. At this time, the majority of their products are available in the Fenris store on eBay, however they also have a small amount of products available on their website as they move their store from eBay.

    Review: Always quick to ship and respond to questions, I have been more than pleased with the quality of products and service provided by Fenris Games. Slight sanding is necessary to get a smooth finish on the resin bases, otherwise very little prep work is necessary before priming. Due to the base being resin it is very light weight and easy to work with. In my opinion, if you are looking for a quick and easy base to give your miniature extra oomph, Fenris is a great place to look for high quality low cost scenic bases.

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      blackfly -
      Fenris has expanded quite a bit the last year or two, and now offer a good selection of miniatures and scenic terrain pieces along with their bases. The have both beasties and modern adventurers in the latest releases, and they are all quite nice. Despite the changes in offerings you can still definitely depend on great service from the folks at Fenris too.
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