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    Make you own bits! If you've ever wished you could transfer great detail from one miniature or another, or thought of doing a little press molding to customize your figures or bases but were put off by the hassle... well, fret no more!

    Instant Mold is a heat softened and reusable putty that cools instantly and does not stick to Green Stuff/Kneadatite, Stick Putty or other common sculpting putties. Create instant molds of hard to replicate details. Once you're done, put it back in hot water and do it again!
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    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      great idea. as someone who uses press molds regularly this could be a real time saver.
    1. COG's Avatar
      COG -
      loooooooks awesome
    1. Dead Painter's Avatar
      Dead Painter -
      Isn't this just overpriced Friendly Plastic? Or is this some new formula new and improved ect ect.?
    1. Goblinhood's Avatar
      Goblinhood -
      What's Friendly Plastic?
    1. Bishop Odo's Avatar
      Bishop Odo -
      It might be Friendly Plastic, but Friendly Plastic's PDF says that you can use super glue and two part epoxies on it, and that lubricant and release agents can be used because it’s sticky, so I not convinced it the same stuff, might be though, we need some tests

      One more point keep it clean, it looks like it will pick up dirt and grit from you work area, and then it can polute you mold with errors, just FYI
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