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  • References Photos: Rackham Open 2006 in Paris

    I have decided to post this article after having reviewed old photos from the Rackham Open in Paris in 2006. At that time, most figures were not yet on the market and it was astounding to see the amount of work the Rackham artists put into the figurines and the large scale decors.

    The photos were taken through glass displays, so at times the objective of my digital camera can show through reflections and focus is not always that good (had to 'convince' my camera to focus where I wanted to).

    These ones are known and have been available later in the market:

    But this one did not make it, but I would love to see it back somehow:

    Here are some of the decors at the show:

    And there is Cadwallon itself, sorry about the reflections, but these were the best I could managed back then:

    And pictures of some of the talented painters and sculptors, of which I have sadly forgotten their names:

    And doing some tourism in Paris, a store near the Notre-Dame Cathedral had these wonderfully painted minis:

    This is about it for this event, I was just lucky that it happened just as I was on a two weeks work exchange with our client's company in Paris. Only had three days for being a true tourist, Paris has so much stuff to see...
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    1. atacam's Avatar
      atacam -
      Thanks for posting these. I have been a big Rackham fan for a long time, and I have never seen that Samurai Troll.
    1. Nguyen.S's Avatar
      Nguyen.S -
      Hi Moradin :)

      Funny to see these pics after all those years ...
      As a former Rackham sculptor, I can help you identify the staff here :
      Top foreground is the hideously skilled spanish sculptor Juan Navarro Perez, who litteraly became Mr Anima Tactics since then.
      Top Background is the very talented (and eccentric) painter Guillaume Hemery.
      Bottom, holding the Tarraskus, was Sean Green, who did several big size projects for the studio.

      Don't be too sad about the Troll Samurai ... if I remember correctly, this was a (heavy) conversion by Benoit Cosse, with limbs belonging to several different troll references ... I don't think Rackham ever had plans to release this one.
    1. Moradin's Avatar
      Moradin -
      Thank you S.!

      I had talked a few minutes with Sean Green back then (he seemed a bit lost in a sea of french-language), a really nice guy! He gave me some tricks on how to achieve a smooth armor like he did for the Tarasque. It was my first minis convention and there was a lot of people, had a hard time to get a space in front the displays to take photos!
      Fo the samurai troll, it was nice to see and was well done, the pose was familiar (the black troll), but it was so cool to see! Too bad it was not considered to be a release.
    1. Moradin's Avatar
      Moradin -
      Thanks Atacam, I had these pictures on my hard drive for a long time, I posted this as a remembrance of when Rackham was in full steam ahead mode!
    1. itsrainingfrogs's Avatar
      itsrainingfrogs -
      Thanks for the pics, great nostalgia time :_)
      The Daikenee archer (second pic) was one of my favorite Rackham sculpt ever but, if I'm not wrong, has never been released... really hope for a recast by CMON!
    1. dieusurterre's Avatar
      dieusurterre -
      hopefully, you're wrong. I have two of them. It was released as a mail order mini. ;-)
    1. KDar's Avatar
      KDar -
      I think he's right, I remember the mail order one, armour and bow can be similar, but it was more still in the pose:
    1. dieusurterre's Avatar
      dieusurterre -
      you're perfectly right... my mistake. Beautiful piece, i hope legacy will release it.
    1. Nguyen.S's Avatar
      Nguyen.S -
      Hi Moradin

      You may also have seen the conversion of Aberration I had brought to the Open
      ... good news are I just completed it ... about time -XD-
    1. Moradin's Avatar
      Moradin -
      Oh my! It is wow! This conversion is really good, you can feel it running to rend and tear its enemies! Super nice!

      You may also have seen the conversion of Aberration I had brought to the Open
      ... good news are I just completed it ... about time -XD-[/QUOTE]
    1. HodRod's Avatar
      HodRod -
      It's really great to see Rackham when it was in it's prime. I sadly was unaware of it at this time so seeing these pictures is really amazing.

      Someone with much more skills than me should re-sculpt that samurai troll. He looks to be mostly the black troll with lots of samurai bits.

      Hopefully with new release they can get back to a place where they have a convention of their own. It would give me a great reason to go to France.
    1. McDeath's Avatar
      McDeath -
      Thanks for posting
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