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    Flock is always a great (necessary, some might say!) addition to any miniature model basing. It's a quick way to bring three-dimensional texture and life to a more-or-less 2-D surface. Usually, our choices are limited to green, dark green, brown, etc; and maybe some static-cling grass fibers, or sand and pebbles, or whatever. What's left out? Flowers, flowers are left out! Sure, you could maybe get some red or yellow flock and glue it down, but it ends up looking like, well, oddly colored flock. Flowers are awesome, and luckily, it's pretty easy (though time-consuming and quite messy) to make your own flower flock, that clumps and stand up just like tiny little blossoms!
    Below you'll find a tutorial detailing how to make your own flower flock.

    Tools & Materials

    First off, you're going to need a few things. You won't need much, though, and what you will is cheap, don't worry! Basically, it comes down to a basic kitchen/bathroom/watercolour sponge in the desired hue of your flowers-to-be; a standard cheese-grater; and, well, actually that's about it!

    Prep Stuff

    Ok. We've got a sponge, and we've got a grater. Now, before we can get going, you have to realize that sponges generally don't come in quite the condition we want them in. They come vacuum-sealed, moist, soft, malleable, and with a bit of cleaning product lightly saturating them. We want them dry, hard, brittle, and free of soap.

    To achieve this is pretty easy, but it takes some time. First, we get rid of any soap in the sponge. Rinse your sponge, wring it out, rinse it, wring it out, rinse, wring, rinse, wring, wrings, rin, ring, wrigngss.... yeah, you get the picture.

    Anyway, get it nice and un-soapy.

    Wring it out one last time, get it as dry as you can, and them set it aside somewhere in the air, preferably someplace warm and dry, maybe near a heater. It actually takes a good long while for a sponge to dry out completely, they're kind of designed to hold a lot of liquid. Anyway, wait until it's bone dry, then wait a little longer. And a teeny bit longer. Trust me, wait until it's hard, dry, and brittle!

    Making the Flock

    Here's where it get's messy...

    FIRST, however, you did make sure that your sponge has dried all the way through, yes? And it's hard and brittle feeling, almost crumbly? Not soft in the middle, at all?

    Ok then, moving on. It's pretty simple, but beware this is a messy process. Sneezing, drafts, cluttered surfaces are all a no-no, unless you want sponge powder absolutely everywhere. Get a nice, clear area, with absolutely NO breeze or traffic, and grate away at your sponge with the grater! Use the finest setting, and go nice and light. Trying to speed stuff up with extra pressure will just give you big, clumpy chunks of sponge that don't really look much like flowers...

    So, if you're sponge was dry, and you grated lightly, you should soon end up with a nice pile of colorful, fluffy flock, all ready for your basing endeavors!


    Zack Cart | Custom Sculpting
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    1. Kretcher's Avatar
      Kretcher -
      Might come in handy, thanks for sharing it.
    1. AndyG's Avatar
      AndyG -
      Yep going to do this another tip is freeze it as well as drying it helps make it easier to grate as well.
    1. ten ball's Avatar
      ten ball -
      Great article, thanks
    1. Zab's Avatar
      Zab -
      What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    1. Revelen's Avatar
      Revelen -
      Quote Originally Posted by AndyG View Post
      Yep going to do this another tip is freeze it as well as drying it helps make it easier to grate as well.
      Thanks Andy. Pro tip right there!

      Glad you guys like it. See, us wargamers and mini-painters aren't all bloodthirsty, warrior-ess-ogling, basement-dwellers; we appreciate the finer things, too, like flowers!
    1. AndyG's Avatar
      AndyG -
      No problems mate your right we all like crush beneath our feet as we drive our enemies before us and hear the lamentation of their women sorry went all über conan there
    1. jottas's Avatar
      jottas -
      Great tutorial! Thank you!
    1. VIOLET's Avatar
      VIOLET -
      Great idea!!!
    1. Planetbod's Avatar
      Planetbod -
      If you can get it, use a Microplane to grate. My wife is a chef and I appropriated hers.
      You can read all about it on my blog,
    1. Nakatan's Avatar
      Nakatan -
      used it already, great idea
    1. jtm3000's Avatar
      jtm3000 -
      Awsome, and dirt cheap @ the $ store!
    1. Collector & Artist's Avatar
      Collector & Artist -
      Nice, its naturally one of those things one doesn't thinking about doing, much appreciated for he tip
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