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  • Ice Gem Step by Step Tutorial

    Ice Gem Tutorial

    This will be a little Step by Step Tutorial about how to paint ice gems!

    I used the "Sky and Ice Blue Paint Set" by Scale 75 (but you can of course use any other colors as well).

    It's very important to know that you will have to work with glazes to archive a nice and clean gradient. So it might be useful to have some kind of thinner or glaze-medium.

    Step 1

    First we need to cover the desired surface with the darkest of our colors . Because this will be our darkest shadow the colour should be as dark as possible (almost black ).I used Scale Color "Deep Blue" for this which is a very deep blue with a pinch of purple.
    No need here for a glaze use your paint as usual

    Step 2

    Next step is to bring some color variation in to the shadow. I have used Scale Color " Violet" and covered up almost the entire surface with glazes but leave a spot of the darkest color at the base and on other shadow parts of the facets!

    Step 3

    For the "brightest shadow" i have used Scale Color "Tesla Blue" applied the same way as the Violet in Step 2. But now leave a little less of the previous layer.

    Step 4

    Now its time to bring some light into the darkness for that I used Scale Colors "Sky Blue" as Mid / main-tone also applied as Glaze and also leave again just ja little of the previous color. As you can see here the gem begins to look icy.

    Step 5

    Here we will set the fist of three highlights.
    In this case i was trying to achieve that slightly greenish hue you can find in some blue gems. I've used Scale Colors "Caribbean Blue" ( which is in my opinion a great color for that purpose). Applied as glaze again but this time try to keep this layer very translucent(remember we only want a slightly greenish touch!) and leave more of the color before!

    Step 6

    Second highlight and first edge highlight. I mixed the first highlight color (Caribbean Blue) 50 /50 with some white(in this case P3 Morrow White). I only highlighted the edges of the facets to let the "crystal form" pop out again.

    Step 7

    Final highlights. Simply used some pure White to create reflection points(for example by the joints of facets)Last thing to do is to do is a nice coat of gloss varnish and you're done

    I hope You liked it
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    Comments 7 Comments
    1. Pentrago's Avatar
      Pentrago -
      Thanks a lot for this tutorial! Great pictures and easy to follow!
    1. Kyptastic's Avatar
      Kyptastic -
      Great tutorial!
    1. Simon Moon's Avatar
      Simon Moon -
      Thank you
    1. MiniatureMistress's Avatar
      MiniatureMistress -
      Sweet! Thanks for the tutorial.
    1. AGN1964's Avatar
      AGN1964 -
      Excellent idea having one finished crystal in the picture all the way through.
    1. Woodstone's Avatar
      Woodstone -
      Very usefull tuto ! Thx Simon.
    1. Mavenloft's Avatar
      Mavenloft -
      Excellent explanations and photos to illustrate. I also echo AGN1964's comment that it was a great idea to have a finished crystal for reference. So often, these pages do not have comparison gauges from which to base your progress.

      I'm starting to photograph my figures with a 1d6 beside to give some sort of size perspective. Hoping it catches on. hahahaha
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