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  • Instant color schemes!

    Instant color schemes!
    If your wife/girlfriend/mother won't be seen in public with you in clothes
    you picked out yourself...well, this page is for you. A basic understanding of
    color theory is a great asset to your painting. A good comprehensive site is here. It has color wheels
    and palettes, explains why there are no true primary colors (in contradiction to
    what the third grade art teacher told us), and has some interesting information
    on the history of color theory. But...
    I've done some work for you already.
    Two-Color Complements, Basic
    These colors fall opposite each other on a color wheel and strongly contrast
    each other. Rough GW color equivalents would be: Red Gore/Snot Green, Enchanted
    Blue/Blazing Orange, Bad Moon Yellow/Liche Purple.
    If your army is painted in green and white, then reddish details would really
    stand out. Gold trim on a purple robe will jump out more than silver.

    Two-Color Complements, Muted
    These are darker, grayer, less saturated variants. Closest GW equivalents:
    Scab Red/Dark Angels Green, Storm Blue/Bubonic Brown, Scorpion Green/Warlock
    If your Wood Elves are painted in dark green and blues, you could use a
    russet brown for leather details instead of black, or dark red gems.

    Two-Color Complements, Pastel
    These are produced by adding white. Paint your army pink or lavendar at your
    own risk.

    Three-Color Complements, Basic
    These are colors spaced evenly (well, sort of) around the color wheel. Red,
    yellow, and blue are primaries, orange, green and violet are secondaries. I've
    included a sample highlight color on each swatch.
    A tri-color palette is recommended for most miniatures.

    Three-Color Complements, Muted
    These are schemes I work with frequently. They provide a nice balance that
    lets details stand out without making the figure appear garish. A fighter in
    dark blue garments might have gold or bronze weapons with red details.

    Three-Color Complements, Pastel
    Easter! Jellybeans! Sweetness and light!

    You don't really want to know about tertiary complements, do you? Well,
    you'll just have to wait. I'll be adding material on how to deal with browns,
    grays, and those tricky skin colors.
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