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  • Basic shading

    This is the first step I take
    after applying the base colour. What shading does is adds to the look of
    depth to your miniatures. As the word suggests, shading adds darker areas
    to your model, in places that would seem to have shadows or darkened areas.
    Such places might be folds in skin or joins between armour plates. There
    are many places to apply shading on models, each with their own individuality.
    Here I will explain how I apply shading, but I will go into further information
    as I get race specific.
    than paint the shades on with solid colours, I prefer to use GW's wide
    range of washes. A wash is simply a colour that has been watered down,
    so that it runs into the cracks and crevices of your figure easily.
    If we look back
    at the Space Marine that we painted back in The
    Basics article, we will see that we have a helmet to work on, which
    I would give a shade of Blue Wash. Washes should be applied evenly, and
    the miniature should not be 'drowned' in it. After a bit of practice you
    will soon find how much wash you will need to put on certain sized areas.
    But remember that washes are watered down paint, so as soon as it is applied
    to a miniature, it is going to run, and you don't want it to run on parts
    of a miniature that you don't want it to.
    For practice
    sake, I would start with a minimal amount of wash on the brush and applying
    it to a model, going back and forth, adding more wash until you know when
    you have enough.
    Anyway, back
    to the Space Marine. I would apply the Blue Wash to the helmet, and make
    sure that some of it rests up against the chest eagle. Dark lines like
    this help separate one item from another, and make both pieces stand out.
    So here are two pictures, one without the wash and one with. You can see
    that the one with has now become darker in colour, but we'll fix this when
    the wash has dried in the Highlighting
    stage. Places of note that should definitely have wash in them are where
    the face mask meets the outer helm, the eye sockets, around the ear piece
    and neckline, as well as where the neck guard meets the helmet, and along
    each side of the rib on top of the helmet.

    So as you can see,
    the shaded helmet is quite a bit darker in colour, but do not fear, it
    is all part of my process.

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