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  • Painting metal

    Before I go into how I paint
    metal, there I few things that I would like to let you know.
    You should really
    have two separate brushes for painting metals. One for detail and base
    colours, like a 3/0 and one for drybrushing. These paints have metal flecks
    running through them, and can get into your normal colours if you use your
    normal paint brushes between pots.
    Always rinse
    your metal brushes in separate water from that of which you clean your
    normal ones, so that you keep the metal flecks out of your other brushes
    and paints.
    Make sure
    that each metallic colour is dry before applying the next highlight. They
    take longer.
    So, how
    do I paint metal? Well I use this method for large areas only, as I have
    another method for smaller ones. You will be able to see this on the 'Kwik
    Tips' page soon. Firstly, if I am painting large metal areas I prefer to
    start with a Chaos Black undercoat. Metallic paints can have problems with
    getting smooth and solid tone if applied over a white undercoat. Using
    this large axe below, I will show you the steps I use.

    Chaos Black

    The base coat
    that I apply to the undercoat is called Boltgun Metal. It is a very dark
    metallic, and you may find it difficult to see it in the following picture.
    Just look for the shine and you know it's there. This coat I make sure
    is uniform and as solid as possible, as this is going to supply the axe
    with dark tones in the nooks and crannies.

    Boltgun Metal

    Once the Boltgun
    metal is completely dry, I then use the drybrushing
    technique to apply all the highlights. The first highlight is done with
    Chainmail Silver, and is applied thoroughly to the axe head, but leaving
    the Boltgun metal in the corners of it.

    Chainmail Silver

    Again, once the
    Chainmail Silver is completely dry, I then apply one more drybrush with
    Mythril Silver, and apply them to the outer edges of the axe. Such places
    are the blade, the hook tip and the clamp that holds it to the shaft. You
    can tell the difference with them next to each other.



    The last and final
    step would be to put some Armour Wash around the two studs that are holding
    the axe head to the shaft. This makes them more defined and helps them
    to look as separate pieces of the axe.

    Armour Wash

    So that's it.
    Pretty simple if you follow the steps. This technique is great if you use
    it on the Bulkheads that come with a lot of GW's terrain, such as Necromunda
    scenery, the Bastion, the Firebase and the Gorkamorka Fort to name just
    a few.

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