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    How to build an orcish hut

    With a small warband of orcish minis sitting in my display case I started thinking about some sort of scenery stuff fitting the topic. In a scourcebook I found some sketches of an orcish outpost with tents made of fur. That was exactly what I want to do - and this hut is the result.

    I used an old towel to create the fur. Pieces of it were glued onto a framework made out of wood and cardboard. I soaked everything with thinned white glue (50:50). When fully dried, the complete construct had the consistency and strength of plastic.

    Step 1Base cut out of balsa wood.

    Step 2Tent poles glued onto the base.

    Step 3Sheet of cardboard glued on to give stability.

    Step 4Roof poles glued on.

    Step 5Tent pegs glued onto the base.

    Step 6Rectangular pieces of old towel ready to be glued on.

    Step 75 of 6 sides ready.

    Step 8Piece of cloth glued onto last side.
    Last piece of towel cut into 2 pieces and glued on as curtain.
    Poles of canopy glued on.

    Step 9Towel piece cut into the shape of animal hide.

    Step 10Shaped piece glued on as canopy.

    Step 11Triangular piece of towel to form the roof.
    ATTENTION: Make it slightly bigger than needed and give
    the baseline an uneven touch.

    Step 12First piece of roof glued on.

    Step 13Roof completed.

    Step 14Everything soaked with thinned white glue
    (1:1, some black paint added to make final painting

    My first finished hut (different from the one used in this tutorial - the teeth at the entrance were made with FIMO).

    Have fun building your own huts. And if you have any pictures I would love to see them. ;-)

    Sven "Vulture" Wichert
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