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    This is how I paint some 40 Night Goblins in Groups of 5. Yeah, the paint job may not win me the coveted GoldenDaemon,
    but then am I in Baltimore? If you're like me and your opponets count "Priming" as "Painting" (HEATHENS!) then this will
    make a world of difference. So, I assume you have a lot of Goblins sitting around naked (And I mean plastic ones, if you
    have actual goblins running around naked, my sympathy goes out to you.) and put together. One thing I would like you
    to remember is you are going to be playing with these, so do no make them all into one base, or, like I did,
    make them so they only fit in a regiment only 3 ways....

    So! Prime the evil gobbos like so, remembering to go over any grey spots:

    Recently, to see my black primed minis better, I drybrush Codex Grey over them, in which case you could skip the grey step,
    However I am mostly concentrating on the flesh, so paint som Dark Angels Green on all exposed flesh..

    Next, drybrush some Snot Green on the flesh (For those of you who don't know, Drybrushing is done by using a minimal
    amount of paint and brushing it off on a towel untill it seems no more paint is coming from it. For quick jobs like this and
    figuring out what is higher on a mini, this is great, otherwise you basically paint straight.)

    Now, some Goblin Green (Duh!):

    Now, here's where the debate starts: Cartoony, GW style, or fleshy, realistic style? Personally, I believe GW's Eavy Metal tem (No offense,
    guys...) makes them too bright, like that flesh could never exist on anthing living. If you prefer a more Goblin Green Look, use a
    small paintbrush, 10/00 at least to pick out the details. I, hoever, like a more fleshy, real look on orcs and goblins so I Highlighted
    some areas with Camo Green. If you wish to go for more highlights, use a little bit of Rotting flesh on some areas, which I also did, but maybe
    you can't see it..

    Now, for the metal: Again, if you're painting hundreds of these, who cares about NMM? Wait... Haley, Bobby... don't answer that... :P
    So, a drybrush of Boltgun Metal and a highlight of Chainmail, and you're done!

    A debate agian: How to make true black look black? Now, I used Vallejo Black Grey and keep adding a lighter grey. However,
    some Drybrushed Codex grey, followed by a highlight of Fortress Grey is fine. Also, I like to do my teeth and claws by first painting
    them black, then Codex grey to the base, and eventually working up to Ghostly Grey at the very tips.

    NoW, All thats left is the small finishing touches. I Paint my eyes with Red Gore and Blood Red. I also picked out the hilt of the sword
    and studs with Shining Gold. You notice he has a bruised eye, all of my Gobbos do. Just brush some Warlock purple, and then
    highlight with Liche Purple, and there you go, One bruisedeye goblin. Hence the Bruised Eye Tribe. To make a long
    story short, their leader didn't like being forced to work for the Bloo Skull Boyz, but the boss whacked all the leaders, who in turn
    whacked their sergeants for laughing at them, who whacked their soldiers for laughing, etc, etc.. ;D The bow was painted Enchanted
    Blue to offset this purple.

    To finish it u, base it by painting the sides Goblin Green, or whatever color you want. Let me suggest you base your fig before you get into
    painting it... that way you do not mess it's boots up, and if you want a dingy look, just drybrush your color of dirt/sand/soil/whatever
    on it's bottom most peice of clothing. This is war, who else but the elves are going to keep their clothes immaculate?
    Well, there you go, my first and most likely, last article on painting. Now, go paint, or get done with painting, or think about painting, just
    do something!!!
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