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    This is how I did the wraithbone on my eldar. Start by taking snakebite leather and white. Mix both onto your pallette. Water them both down to about the consistency you think you can reasonably work with them. Now add ANOTHER brush load of water into each. Slap some snakebite on one end of the plate/gun barrel or whatever. While the snakebite's still wet, slap some white down next to it and slightly overlap the 2 colours on the surface of the model.

    Now here's the trick. While both colours are still wet on you model clean off your brush and use it to gently and using long smooth strokes, ease the snakebite into the white. In all likelihood, it'll still look a little rough or too dark or whatever. If so, clean off your brush again and try pulling the white back into the snakebite to even things out. It's important to work with moist bristles and while the paint is still wet on the model!

    If you have to, water down the paint on your pallette a little more and repeat the process. With much practice (took me about 6 months to get it right!) you should get smooth transition of colours and a nice pretty blend! It's important that you let the paint dry completely before trying a second blending coat.


    Here's the scaly green for the eldar. The techniques are identical to the bone example above. Start with a scaly green basecoat this time.

    Mix a little scaly into white and water it down lots on your palette. Do the same with a straight scaly green. Slap the scaly green on. While wet, slap the white/green mix next to it on the model overlapping the 2 colours slightly. If you watered down the paint enough, it should start doing this funky thing on it's own (see pic).

    While both paints are still wet, clean off your brush and ease one colour into the other. Remember to use smooth long strokes not short ones! Repeat the process if you have to and if you happen to pull the scaly into the white too much just clean off your brush and try pulling the white into the green. Go back and forth like that until you get a blend that's satifactory. Above all, don't get pissed off if you can't do it straight away! It takes practice and patience!!

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