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    An update in the Primer Wars….

    There are those on the White Side and those on the Black Side, even some people on the Gray side. I was a White Primer guy for a long time, but now I am trying a new technique that is really working well. Others have probably tried this as well, but I have not heard about it.

    My main problem with spray primer is that if the mix is not JUST right you can easily end up with a fuzzy, uneven coat and it’s back into the stripper for another try. The problem is the paint suspended in the propellant not mixing thoroughly and/or the paint particles partially drying on the way to your model.

    Clear Priming
    This technique is nice because it uses a Dullcoat spray as the base coat, followed by a wash of Vallejo Black (high pigmentation means deep black shadow lines), followed by another Dullcoat. This is my latest WIP and he is starting to get his base paint, but you can see the wash effect really makes the details pop.

    It’s really simple. The Dullcoat is super smooth and you can paint over it easily. The deep black shadows are there for those who like to use the base coat to indicate and simulate shadows. The slightly washed silver surfaces are “bright” enough to take lighter tones quickly and build up layers quickly. There is no sprayed paint to glob up your models details and no paint particles to dry prematurely. Give it a try it works well for me.

    Hope this helps,

    Danny Grimes
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