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  • Some pictures to use as a resource.

    I was recently fortunate enough to visit the Royal Armouries at Leeds with my father. We spend 7 hours wandering around and still didn't see all the galleries. However, while I was taking a lot of pictures it occurred to me that a lot of the armour and weapons on display would make a great resourse for the painters who visit this site.
    Therefore, I have selected the best of those I took (ie those that aren't too badly blurred. MEMO to self: must remember to check shutter speed setting on new digital camera before taking picture.)

    So here for your perusal and I hope of some assistance are the pictures.

    This is a detail from Chinese quilted armour, of which I had to take a close up photo as the detail is amazing. Altough the colour of the cloth has faded over time the richness of the metal still shines through. (and yes that is a reflection of me in the mirror)

    This is a 1/6th scale armour used as a sales piece by smiths. If memory serves me correctly it's from the 14th Century but don't quote me on that. As you can see the reflectivity of this highly polished metal gives a good indication of how NMM is intended to represent the same effect.


    One of two helmets which shows how light is bounced off the complex surfaces. I saw this and again though of the NMM and SENMM painters, or more appropriately those of us who want to be SENMM painters. (Sorry for the relection of my fingers)

    Finally this is a backplate which shows how the light is reflected by a large curved surface. The darker section in the lower middle is of course the floor of the museum (me standing in the middle). However, all the upper lighted section is the reflection of the lighted ceiling. You can see how the layered plates of the skirt section seem to raise the reflection into a pyramid shape, due to the severe curve of the metal.
    Sky-Earth NMM is being used to represent this and I though that those painters starting out on that track could use this as an example.

    I intended this brief article to be of use as a resource for painters. I hope it's going to be of help. I intend to add another article soon with pictures of the Japanese armour at the Royal Armouries. Meanwhile a visit to the Royal Armouries is worthwhile and I would recommend that, if possbile, you go. There are now three, Leeds, Plymouth & London.
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