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    This is an article about "How to paint IronWarrior"

    All Paints and Brushs are from GamesWork Shop store.

    Anyways shall we get started?


    -Small DryBrush

    -Fine Paint Brush

    -Cup of clean water

    -Paper Towel

    -Mixing Palette

    (All paints are citadel)

    -Chaos Black

    -Chaos Black Spray

    -Shining Gold

    -Scorched Brown
    (Bestial Brown would be fine. It depends on your taste of colour.)

    -Golden Yellow

    -Skull White

    -Chain Mail

    -Boltgun Metal
    (The main colour of the armour.)

    (This is the easy part of it....i think?!?!)

    TIP: Remeber to never use the paint straight from the bottle. It is very thick and crappy. Always dilute the paint with water, atleast 50/50 (water/paint) to whatever you are painting. Diluting paint also makes a good technique when doing rusting, which I will explain later.


    1-The first step is very simple, basecoat the whole model Chaos Black this includes the weapons..*roll eyes, obviously*. Use the Chaos Black Spray that Games Workshop sells. I find that it works very well. Remember to spray your model in a well ventalated area, example: a garage, or even outside. The fumes of the spray are "killer". No, I'm not saying that it can kill you just like that, its just bad for the lungs. Give the basecoat to dry for about....30 minutes-60 minutes?? Its up to you, when you want to start painting. Picture shown here:

    2-Now get your your BoltGun Metal and dip your drybrush into the bottle. Place some of that colour onto your mixing palette. By doing this, it saves time opening and closing the bottle, also that it won't dry out your paint. Grab some of that Boltgun Metal and wipe of the excess paint onto a paper towel (picture A). Next begin to drybrush your model. Some people get confused on how to drybrush a model. Do not stroke with your brush, instead dab constantly all around the model where ever desired to be silver (picture b). To make the silver not so clean, add a tad bit of rusting,

    3-Now for the trims on the model. Easy stuff. Basecoat the trims with Scorched Brown or Bestial Brown, whatever brown you wish. After that has dried, place some Shining Gold onto your mixing palette. Then drybrush on the trims, remember to not stroke, but dab!!! next get your Chainmail, and ever so lightly make thin stroke along the edges of some of the trims. Do this as mucha s you like. Picture shown here:

    4-Paint all gaps that seperate the armour from other armour (picture a). Paint these areas Chaos Black. Be very steady in these certain areas when painting. I find that when I paint these areas, I always screw up. Next you can highlight these areas with Grey. I did not mention the paint for Grey up above, because I find that you don't need to buy so many paints. Just mix 25/70 (Chaos Black/Skull White) to get the grey colour. The coloru may be as light or dark as you want. Picture shown here:

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