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  • Faces with Expressions (Part 2)

    Faces and Expressions (part 2)


    Here are two 54mm Scale Heads (Inquisitor size) from Verlinden pack 1598 (courtesy of Historex-Agents ) Over the next few photographs I am going to demonstrate how the expressions of the faces can be painted to (I hope) their best advantage. Both of these heads have been given a brushed on prime coat of Citadel Scorched Brown.
    Head A has a rather dour expression while head B has a completely stupid grin on his face. (And it does remind me all to well of one of my former scouts!).

    Starting with Head A:
    All the paints used in this demonstration were from Games Workshops Citadel colour range Firstly the eyes were painted in with an off white colour and any over painting tidied up.

    Then the face was given a basecoat of thinned Citadel Tanned Flesh. (In fact twice for coverage).

    A first coat of mixed Tanned Flesh and Dwarf Flesh was applied to most of the face omitting the heavy creases around the mouth and eyebrows

    Gradually, by adding more Dwarf Flesh to the paint mixture, the Cheekbones, forehead, upper lips and chin had the colour lightened.
    At this stage pure Dwarf flesh was painted over the Cheekbones, Forehead, Nose, Upper lips and the Chin. The Ridges around the Crows feet were also picked up with this layer of paint.

    [TD] [/TD]
    At this point it was necessary to enhance the shadows of the face and this was done with a mix of Tanned Flesh and Dark Flesh (2:1 ratio) thinned to a very fine wash. This was applied to the indented creases above the mouth, at the corners of the mouth, the crease below the nostrils, the crows
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