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    Painting: asphyx

    Photos: CENTiNEX

    Used paints

    GW Skull White Undercoat
    GW Enchanted Blue

    GW Bestial Brown

    GW Fiery Orange

    GW Bleached Bone
    GW Red Gore

    GW Bubonic Brown
    GW Scorched Brown

    GW Chaos Black
    GW Skull White

    GW Codex Grey
    GW Snakebite Leather

    GW Dwarf Flesh
    Prince August Marron Orange 981

    GW Elf Flesh
    Prince August Marron Rouge 982

    Step 1 : Undercoat

    The model was undercoated with a Skull White Citadel Spraycan in two passes.

    Step 2 : Undercoat

    Washes of diluted Skull White were used to get a clean white undercoat.

    Step 3 : Skin base

    Skin was basecoated with an equal mix of Bestial Brown and Dwarf Flesh.

    Step 4 : Skin base

    Skin was highlighted to Dwarf Flesh by using successive mixes of Bestial Brown and Dwarf Flesh.

    Step 5 : Skin highlight

    Skin was highlighted using successive mixes of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh.

    Step 6 : Basecoating

    All gold parts were painted in Bubonic Brown. Boots were painted in Scorched Brown, and laces in Snakebite Leather. Armor and braces were colored with Enchanted Blue.

    Step 7 : Boots highlight

    Boots were highlighted with successive mixes of Scorched Brown and Bleached Bone.

    Step 8 : Armor highlight

    Armor and braces were highlighted with successive mixes of Enchanted Blue and Skull White. The lightest color is about 3/4 of Skull White for 1/4 of Enchanted Blue. Pure Enchanted Blue was used as lining.

    Step 9 : Sword

    The sword grip was first painted with a mix of 3/4 of Red Gore with 1/4 of Chaos Black. It was then highlighted with pure Red Gore, and finally with successive mixes of Read Gore and Bleached Bone.
    The sword blade was basecoated with Codex Grey, and highlighted with mixes of Codex Grey and Skull White. Light reflects were made using a color mixed from 9/10 of Skull White and 1/10 of Codex Grey. Shades were made using mixes of Codex Grey and Chaos Black.
    Bracers located on the arms were painted using the same color scheme.

    Step 10 : Hairs & Clothes

    Hairs were basecoated with a mix of 1/2 of PA981 and 1/2 of PA982 (This color mix was stolen from Bragon). Rear clothes were painted in Chaos Black and highlighted with mixes of Chaos Black and Bleached Bone.

    Step 11 : Hairs highlight

    Hairs were highlighted with successive mixes of the base color with Bleached Bone.

    Step 12 : Gold

    Gold parts were highlighted with successive mixes of Bubonic Brown and Skull White. Shading was made with a mix of Bubonic Brown and Chaos Black.

    Step 13 : Final step

    Gem was painted in Chaos Black, then highlighted with a mix of Chaos Black and Red Gore. Pure Red Gore was used in the center, then a mix of Fiery Orange and Red Gore was used to highlight the upper corner. Pure Fiery Orange and pure Skull White were painted on the top of the gem to draw light reflect.
    Laces were highlighted with successive mixes of Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone.
    Scorched Brown was used to draw eyebrows and eyes.

    Step 13 : Basing

    Sand was glued on the base using PVA. It was first painted with Brown Ink, then drybrushed with Snakebite Leather. A last drybrush of Bleached Bone was used to hilghlight the sand.
    Flock was glued on the painted sand using PVA.
    Base sides were painted with two coat of Goblin Green.
    Two coats of GW Purity Seal was used to protect the model against battlefield damages.
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