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  • Painting Muscles (updated)

    In this Workshop a realistic representation of musculature is to be compiled


    In order to paint musculature realistic, it applies to discuss only times some anatomical bases. Most muscles are connected by chords with bones and make their movement possible. The muscle fibers, of which the muscle consists, are fitted out into a connective tissue. A large muscle consists of hundreds of such fibers. (An example is shown on the next Pic!)

    In order to obtain now a realistic appearance of the muscle, one must represent now these fibers. The chords at the beginning of the muscle are a further important aspect to be represented .
    First some picture examples are to be brought here for painted musculature, in order to win an impression:


    The Painting iteself:

    Very beautifully recognizably here the individual muscle fibers and the sinewy beginnings of the musculature. It applies to bring this impression now on the miniature

    Used Colours:

    - Cadmium Umber Red (Vallejo MC Nr. 814)
    - - Gory Red (Vallejo GC Nr.11)
    - - Bloody Red (Vallejo GC Nr.10)
    - - Ivory (Vallejo MC Nr. 918)
    - - Glaze Medium (Vallejo MC Nr. 596)

    One begins with painting the Muscles with MC814 (1)

    As next step GC11 in fine lines is painted on the Miniature. This procedure requires a little feeling, since the strips must be completely fine. They are to represent fibers. Therefor one shuld work from the center outward, because the lines will become thicker when setting the off the brush .

    Repeat this Procedure with GC10

    As a next step lay on one now with a 1:1 mixture from GC10 and MC918 further lines. To be said this color will only be used for the brightest muscle-parts.
    Generally the layers are to be done after the normal "Highlighting principle", only that the colors are to be laid on not laminar, but in fine lines. (3)

    As next step now the sinewy muscle beginnings are painted. For this MC918 is diluted very strongly with water (a drop table-ware detergent in the water improves the handling of the color). With this strongly diluted color now the chords are painted painted also here in fine lines by the center of the muscle from outside.
    The "points of the muscle" are to be paint4ed in pure MC918.(4)

    As last step mix much water and MC 814, as well as MC596 for a reddish glaze, and over-old hereby all surfaces painted so far.
    Thus the transitions work more gently and the whole result more perfectly.

    As I promised, here are some Pics, taken from a miniature painted withe this technique:

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    1. xiuix's Avatar
      xiuix -
      Thanks for the great article I was looking for a this post. I want to make a warmachine Raek with exposed muscles and bone
    1. Ebonbuddha's Avatar
      Ebonbuddha -
      I remember when this article first came out. It was a great idea back then. I am about to use it now for an upcoming project. Wish me luck.
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