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    note: This article was written by Allan Carrasco, for any use or reproduction of this article please adresse him. All the painting seen in this article was also done by Allan C. This article was translated from french to English by Arthur Muguet ( FrenchKid) Unshaved beard To give some caracter to a mini you need to paye special attention to the face, paye extra attention when you do the eyes ect… an unshaved beard is a welcome addition in some cases, for exemple in the case of a soldier that can’t shave. Painting the beard. Used colors and usable colors: codex grey, shadow grey, catachan green, skull white, chaos black, enchanted blue. I finnish the face entirely as I would if their wasn’t a beard, I could at that point leave the face as it is. Here in the exemple the bears od the sergent was painted by using some codex grey, chaos black and white. I applie a couple of glaze of codex grey. One the grey is well on I shade it by adding some chaos black, under the chin, the nose, cheekbone… I then highlight by adding adding white to the grey on the parts that stand out, chin, jaw, upper lip… In the exemple ( Sergent Karskin GW 28mm) I only use grey but it also possible to add some green tints or very light blue, just to give a look…
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