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    Mech pilot by Cyril 1- Here’s the master of the mini, 100 % fimo ( here in a champagne color) on a base of brass wire recovered with a thin layer of green stuff, which explains the green stains ( the pigments of the green stuff migrate in the Fimo when backed) the sculpture of the mini will be the detailed in a future article. 2- The mini is made of resin, cast by me, it as been washed with soppy water, then like usual, undercoated with a citadel spray on with primer in 3 successive layer, I let the mini dry for about 5minutes in between each layer. 2-The with undercoat is ready to receive the colors 4- the skin is done with a basecoat of elf flesh. 5- The first shadings are done with some dwarf flesh added to the elf flesh. I shade the shadow of the eyes (lightly), under the jaw, and the nape of the neck. 6- I then add some dark flesh to the preceding mix, and I outline the parts that are in contact with other elements of the minis, under the helmet, between the fingers, around the neck, it’s a very light outlining. 7- The highlights are simply done by adding white to the elf flesh, you have to mark the parts that receive the most light, the top of the cheeks, the bone of the nose, the jaw, and the fingers. 8- Outlining with dark flesh +black, the lower lip is painted using elf flesh +red, and then highlighted with white to create a glare. The eyes are blue (enchanted blue), at this scale there is no need to do the pupils Don’t forget the eyebrows that do a lot for the expression of the face. 9- The flying outfit is painted with Russian khaki, ref 5 at Andrea color, I had to apply at least for layers to have a unified basecoat, it is very important to dilute your paint it can’t be said enough 10- The highlights are made out of bleached bone added to the Russian khaki. And since I was satisfied with the color I didn’t do any shading. 11- Outlining with black of all the elements that come on top of the flying suit. You will then obtain a very thin outlining very easily by covering with the color of the elements. 12- the protection plaques are painted in field grey ( German uniform) ref 1 at Andrea color. The border that receive the lights a done with a bit of white in the base color, and the shadows by adding black. 13- The belt and boots are done in snakebite leather. 14- here the mini is at a more advanced stage, the leather of the belt as been highlighted with bleached bone and slightly shaded with some bestial brown +black The other parts of the equipment are done just like the reinforcement plaques, the rivets are done in codex grey and highlighted in white. For the blond hairs I start with a mix 50/50 snakebite/bleached. For the helmet I put on a base of blood red + black ink, highlighted up to blood red alone, and then glazed with a thin layer of red ink to give it a shiny aspect. the eye protection thing is done with a base of leprous brown highlighted with white and shaded with dark flesh. 15- The hair are highlighted with white. The boots are done just like the belt, there is still some pieces of equipment to be done but nothing very complicated. The Base: For that kind of mini rocks and dirt not being appropriate, I preferred a minimalist base that still told a small story, the pilot is about to take command of her robot, and she’s looking at the stars will the last preparations are finished. On a round GW base I glued a 1mm plasicard, I then carved the line of the structure plaques, this is a well known technique of people who do airplane models, a small piece of plasticard of 0,3 mm creates a bit of relief, as well as a couple of rivets. The base is then undercoated with a black spray primer. And then painted with different mixes of black and bleached bone to have different shades, I then used a couple of washes of dark flesh to represent a bit of rust, the F on the ground was painted with bleached bone and codex grey and finally the grease spots were done with some very diluted black paint that was deposited in small drops. Now I just have to glue the mini, in total about 6 hours of painting were necessary with a voluntarily minimized range of color. It was a pleasure to paint this model from A to Z. The finished mini !!
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