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    Well, this is my first attempt at an article; I thought I would share my idea for a wet palette. I have seen articles that talk about using a blister pack, but you can’t hold a lot of different paint on one. I came up with an easy stackable plan. So with out further ado… Ginny’s mini’s stackable wet palettes.

    Items needed
    Wet palette paper
    Sponges (I used compressed sponges)
    Round stackable containers, I found these at my local craft store and at Wal-Mart, in the beading area.
    Here is a picture of the
    round containers.

    Using just one of the containers, trace circles on wet palette paper, cut out circles, set aside. I always cut extra and store them in the bottom container.

    Next using same container, trace circle on sponge. I find compressed sponges are easier to trace on and to cut out.

    Then get sponges wet insert into round container.

    Next wet the wet palette paper per manufacturer’s directions, then place on top of sponge.

    Now stack round containers. You have a four level wet palette.

    And there you have it one very easy, fairly inexpensive wet palette; I have found that it is nice to have flesh on one level, armor on another, clothing on another…and so on.

    I hope you have enjoyed my article and found it useful.
    As always thanks for looking

    Ok I know this came out looking funny, If anyone who has done an article before can help me fix it so it is left justified, I would sure appreciate it!
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