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  • Making a sci-fi Marble Base

    Hi ya'll, This is my second article here and I hope you enjoy reading it!
    First of all: Sorry about my poor english, and the bad photocuality, I hope you can still read it fine!
    I'm currently making a grey knight from plastic and greenstuff to
    take part in the deamons of this year! =]
    Now, no good entry is a good entry without a cool scenic base, so heres how I make mine!

    -Scuplting tool with a flat area
    -Cap of a pot
    -Hobby Knife
    -Flat plastic. (rackham blister for example)
    -Old brush

    The Basic

    First of all, I take a cap of some kind of pot or something.
    These are perfect for cool display bases, and most of the time the right size.

    Now, take a greenstuff blob, and press it onto the pot.

    Then, spread it using a (wet!!) sculting tool. The water will help spreadding a lot!

    After this, use the flat plastic (again wet!!) to press the greenstuff very flat. When neccesary, use sculting tool to remove hills of greenstuff after the pressing, and again press it with the flat plastic.

    Then, use your hobby knife to mark the lines between the diffrent stones.

    When neccesary, use the knife to make the gap between te stones even bigger.
    Also, if you like, you can make some cracks in the stones using your knife.
    Note: Keep it small! We will make the area even more realistic later!

    Now, use an old brush to press the greenstuff in realistic flatness, and stipple the stuff with it to create a fine texture.

    Now, we are going to add the marble texture to the base.
    Use a piece of slate, make it wet with water (or it will stick o your greenstuff, and ruin your entire base!).
    Press the slate into the greenstuff, and watch the realistic texture come baby! 8]

    Note that the gaps between the diffrent stones are a little bit gone, so fix it using your knife. (only if needed)

    Here we have it! A nice marble effect with a nice display base! But, for me, this wasn't interesting enough, so look further on page 2 for more details!
    Now, let us make some more detail, shall we milady?

    Press a blob of greenstuff onto the plastic surface. (after you have made it wet with water, offcourse!)

    Cut it to the shape of a square with a hobby knife.

    Now, remove the square with your hobby knife from the plastic, and add it to your base.

    After this, we will add some nails to the metal plate attached to the marble by the techmarines!!
    Use a empty PressPencil to press in the details on the greenstuff, see below:

    I still found the base a little broing, with all that surfaces... So I added gunnshells!
    Just roll up a soucage of greenstuff, and cut small pieces from it.
    Carefully press them into your base, after a period of 4 hours.
    The small drying time of the gunnshells is used, becouse then the base isn't dry yet, and the gunnshells are as hard as rock!
    This way, its easy to press them into your base without ruining your carefully made gunnshells.

    The finished result:

    And i'm quite happy with it actually! =D

    The Duke

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    1. aysonator's Avatar
      aysonator -
      Awesome guide, just tried it out looks really good and not to hard either
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