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    Well, after i got tired of my small palette unable to hold all the colors i need at times, i began my search for a replacement, i raided my house and found the perfect answer...
    An ice cube thing! its big enough to hold many colors at a time, and has enough room for both a wet palette and a normal one!

    heres what i did to "convert" it to my needs...

    First i sealed half of the cracks in the middle, so i can make a wet palette area seperated from the normal one so i can..uh.. make it wet

    I sealed it using Quick Metal, which is a stinky version of greenstuff.... and its black... and it smells like a dead fish! perfect for a watery area..uh;p
    its cheap and drys fast, so it suits my needs:P plus my dad keep tons at his "do it yourself" toolbox >__

    soak the cleaning cloth with water so it wont jump out when you push it in the holes, and shape it nicely into it, then cover the hole with the paper!

    Next just use something to insert water to the palette wet side and begin painting!

    The ice cube things come in all size and shapes, so if you need a bigger palette
    or bigger painting stations feel free(-_-) to use some other ice cube thing!
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