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    Hello dear CmoN- Members,

    This article will not show you painting techniques on rocks, I fear Iam not skilled yet to do so.
    The small article is intended as inspiration, when it comes down to the question:
    “Hmm, how does a stone look like?” or rather “Which color do I give my stones”. Most people will answer: “Hah, that’s simple: grey”. But it isn’t that easy, unfortunately.
    During my hiking trip on Corsica this summer I saw many interesting rocks and because I am always looking for some inspiration and cannot forget about painting and all the hobby stuff, I begged my buddy Erik to take some pics of the rocks and stones with his digicam (Thx Erik!!)
    I’ll show you now some of the pics (I reduced the size for this article but if you need the big ones, go here:

    1st one is just a simple mid-grey granite stone. Most painters I have seen painted their stones like this:

    The 2nd is a dark-grey version of the granite:

    3rd one is a bright-grey granite:

    But how would a standard grey look like with some scratches on it?

    Or a dark grey, weather-beaten rock? Note the worn-out edges:


    And now some very interesting colorations: A granite stone with a reddish tone in it:

    A mainly red rock:

    And the red rock again, but weather-beaten:

    This is already the end of my small article. I hope it serves you as an inspiration as it did for me. If you need more inspirations I recommend a walk to a nearby quarry or a walk along a riverside with opened eyes. You’ll find many interesting forms and colors of stones!

    So long,

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