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    How to make your own forest counters

    Tools and Materials
    I used the following tools and material in order to build my forest counters.

    - CD-ROM holder : I also use this plastic to make special size base for my epic units
    - Some small trees branches : It has the best rendering for small trees.
    - PVA glue : This is the white glue used for woodworking, available from DIY stores and hardware shops.
    - One or 2 staples : the staples are used to fix the branch on the base and to add more branches to a tree
    - A small hand drilling machine : It gives you a better control when drilling holes.
    - Sand or flocking : This is easily available from DIY stores or model shops for texturing the base.

    Counters making of

    Draw some shapes on the CD plastic with a paper pen (roughly 3cm for the diameter). Then cut it with a modelling knife or a chisel.

    Here is the result :

    Drill some holes for the trees (3 trees on a base give a rather good rendering).

    Cut the branches and cut its base to make it plane for a better stability.
    Drill a hole at the base and glue a staple.

    Cut the staple at the right size and glue it on the base.

    Glue some flocking on the branches

    Paint the base in brown.

    Glue the sand.

    Your counter is ready to join the rest of your forest.

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