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  • Easy warriors of Rohan

    Painting the warriors of Rohan is very simple. Here are the colors you will need.

    Chaos Black
    Bronzed Flesh
    Belestial Brown
    Dark Angles Green
    Dark Flesh
    Elf Flesh
    Scorched Brown

    So, now you have gotten your paints we'll get the model. For now, we will do the rohan with the throwing spear. Firstly, undercoat the model in black paint.

    Your second step is to paint the cape of the rohan. Paint it Dark Angles Green followed by a wash of 50/50 dark angles green and chaos black. It should look like this.(when it is wet)

    Now, while the cape is drying, drybrush the chainmail with..chainmail. After doing so, you can start on the helmet. Paint the parts which you think is metal with your chainmail. Then paint the face bronzed flesh followed by elf flesh.

    After doing so, paint the skirt of the rohan 50/50 mix of dark angles green and dark flesh. After doing so, Lightly drybrush the model with belestial brown.It should look something like this.

    Paint the final details like the shoes and weapons and you're on your way i hope this article helped you.
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